Charming villa in the medieval citadel of Loches


Apartment / Attic

(1-2 pers) (3-5 pers) min max
Week 595 € 690 € 500 € 690 €
Night 95 € 110 € 75 € 120 €
Red week 10 %
Red month 20 %


(1-2 pers) min max
Week 535 € 350 € 560 €
Night 80 € 65 € 85 €
Red week 10 %
Red month 16 %

New Lodging ! – Chez PIERROT

(1-2 pers) min max
Week 620 € 550 € 680 €
Night 98 € 85 € 100 €
Red week 10 %
Red month 16 %

Personalized estimates each time, depending of staying period and persons number… Call me!

From 1st January 2016, add to stay pricing there is the cost of the City Tax; it applies to adult tourists (from 18) and the calculation to be made is as follows: total rent amount x 0,05 x 1,10. Here you have the explanatory note deliberated by the Communauté de Communes Loches Développement in november 2015.

Payment terms

a) the reservation is confirmed when the owner receive:
the contract signed by the tenant, sent by the owner via e-mail;
a payment of 33% of total amount with paypal or bank transfer
b) at the time of the arrival will be required:
payment the remainder of the entire amount of the hiring;
payment of a guarantee (300 € for the studio and 400 € for the apartment / chez Pierrot / attic) which will be returned upon departure if no damage is done to the apartments and their content
Any cancellation will have to be done in writing. In the event of cancellation during the last month preceding the start of the booking, the advance will not be returned; if the cancellation is earlier, the amount advanced will be valid for one year from the established start of the stay.
Additional services required will be paid at the end of stay

Check-in and check-out times

On the day of arrival the apartments are available after 4.00 p.m.
On the day of departure the apartments will have to be released no later than 10.30 a.m.

Check reservation dates possible on our reservation calendar.