Charming villa in the medieval citadel of Loches


Silvia D’Aronco Dembitzer
At the old Dovecote

12, mail de la Poterie
37600 Loches

Tel : 0033 (0)6 07 78 05 93
0033 (0)2 47 91 93 03
e-mail :

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What is the origin of Villa à l’ancien Pigeonnier…

Everything was born from the childhood dream of moving to France, ever since beloved, and from the pleasure, so far felt as tourist, of living in private houses during my trips. So, almost as a play, I have decided to learn a completely new language and at the beginning of 2012 I spent two months to look for a house, suitable for running a touristic activity in a place full of history, culture and nature.
…and I found it in middle February! There were many works to do, but I did not give up. First of all I renewed the systems thank to local companies and over a four-month period I have set the two flats, where my visitors will stay.
Lola, Lilli and I live in the upper floor; here the renewing works haven’t been finished yet, but I hope to complete everything soon!