Charming villa in the medieval citadel of Loches

Excursions in and around Loches

Dep. 37 – Notable Natural Areas: map       WALKINGS IN TOURAINE CÔTE SUD : Circuit hiking and biking

Le Grand-Pressigny circuit       balade Le Grand Pressigny

Genillé  circuit          balade Genillé

Chédigny circuit        

Le Louroux circuit         ,     beetween nesting and migration

Prairies du Roy natural area (

– in the Loches forest, along the path d’Orfonds (

– walking to the Dolus-le-Sec éolienne (

– medieval village of Montrésor (

– walking from Pouillé to Montrichard, along the Cher (

– walking to study the  Coteaux troglodytes (

Tauxigny: walking to discovery the solar system (

– in the Tours-Preuilly forest (

– in the Grillemont forest (

hamlet la basse Chevrière, where lived the painter Ray Sutter and the sculptor-painter Alexandre Calder, and where passed the writer Honoré de Balzac (

Mennetou-sur-Cher medieval city (

Angles-sur-l’Anglin medieval village (

– walking along the Loir valley (

– Vaas heritage discovery (

the meadows de Bléré, in the country of wild orchids (

Domaine de Candé, the discovery of aquatic biodiversity (

Eperon Barré de Murat, an excellent vantage point to monitor the migratory birds, in particular the birds of prey (

ponds of Narbonne (

Ile de la Métairie, ancien floodplain forest that attracts birds in all seasons and where you can find traces of beaver (

the Gloriette groves (

Bois des Touches (

les Rouchoux (

Bardeaux de l’Indre, from barrage to barrage between Indre and Loire (

Bois Chétif, last Touraine floodplain forest along the  Loire

Puys du Chinonais, small limestone hills that have resisted erosion ( (,0.230541&spn=0.059256,0.122738&z=13)

la Pomardière (

Coteau de la Vienne (

Les Chétauderies – Ligueil